This 2018 2nd Edition of the Chemogenesis Web Book is in the process of being ported & and updated from the 2005 1st Edition.

The Chemogenesis WebBook shows how chemical structure and reactivity naturally emerge from the Periodic Table of the Elements. Unlike chemistry textbooks printed on paper, this webbook contains dynamic Synthlet and Database pages that explore and make predictions about aspects of chemical structure & reactivity and have embedded reaction chemistry YouTube Videos.

Thanks go to the authors of web sites linked to from these pages, to members of the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry (ISPC) and to the members of the ChemEd internet discussion list who have answered my many questions and synthesized such interesting postings.

This web book is being continually updated. At present, this second edition of the web book is being ported from the meta-synthesis main site to SquareSpace: WORK IN PROGRESS (writing April 2018).

Please send comments, link suggestions, factual errors, browser problems, bug & broken link reports, etc., to the author:

Dr Mark R. Leach 
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